Virtual Tours during the Covid-19 Shutdown

We are proud to offer a unique way of viewing property from the comfort of your home - our virtual tours. We pioneered virtual tours in the New Zealand real estate market a few years ago and soon found they offer an excellent viewing alternative. Using whichever device you are comfortable with, be it your phone, tablet or computer, you can access an interactive virtual tour for almost all of the properties we have listed on our website.

In addition to walking through the property, our virtual tours allow you to closely examine each room at your own pace. You can use the measure tool to measure rooms, windows and doorways and you can use the floorplan view to compare each room in the home at scale. The dollhouse view helps put each room in perspective by viewing all levels at the same time. 

Click through here for a tutorial on how to use Virtual Tours on our website.

Please get in touch with any of our agents to discuss the homes we have for sale or to talk about listing your home for sale after the shutdown is over.


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