Spring is here!

Spring time generally signals the start of the selling season. As the days get longer and the garden springs into life many homes come to the market. For most home owners their concentration is on getting things looking the best they can make them – and rightly so. However, rarely do homeowners look into the recorded state of their property – they just presume it is in a state fit for sale.

When it comes to selling your home presumption can work against you. 

Presuming your property is compliant when it’s not produces frustration for both buyer and seller. When it comes to compliance your investigation should include – works done to a dwelling, title defects and/or outstanding issues thrown up by a Land Information Memorandum. Presentation is one thing and yes very helpful but the glitches just cited could affect buyers’ ability to fund the purchase of your home. In short, if you are thinking of selling, do your homework before you start. Needless to say, we are happy to help.

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