September Update

Spring has definitely sprung and with it some great signs of renewed activity. We are now once again experiencing things like brought forward auctions and multiple offers. Put this alongside a resurgence in overall retail spending, maybe we are on the mend. 

Yes, call us optimistic, but we sense the tide may be turning in the residential property market. We are currently experiencing an increasing number of people who have decided to enter the market as purchasers, no doubt many are realising that with record low interest rates the likelihood of the market falling is now slim. This is translating into solid activity.

For a variety of reasons, including how the garden looks, fewer vendors tend to list their properties in the winter months. Needless to say spring time is changing all that.

In short, if we weren’t all so aware of all the negative property market headlines – we would say actually it’s not bad. There’s no shortage of buyers, there’s an increase in listing activity, auction bidding is solid and prices are relatively stable. A bad market is where there are no buyers, that is not the case. In short, it’s actually a good time to be for sale. Thinking of selling by Christmas? You’ve got 14 weeks. Give us a call. 

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