Keep Calm and Carry On

Please keep calm and carry on. There’s so much scare mongering, please beware of headlines predicting doom in house prices - we’ve seen it all before. As directors who have been in this industry since 1986 we have observed several meltdowns. The 1987 Share Market Crash, the GFC in 2008, Bird Flu, Swine Flu etc. etc. Each time there were real issues and yes things changed for a period. In reality though things never panned out as badly as the experts predicted. House prices have never crashed, dipped – yes, sales volumes slowed – yes, but the sensational click bait headline has most often just been a distraction. Warning - beware of generalised economists predictions. 

You could say we have a biased view. Actually rather an opinion based on a hands on, experienced real estate market over 35 years. In short, get on with your life. If you want to buy a house to live in, thanks to record low interest rates, it’s never been more affordable. Those who sold, rented and waited for the predicted implosion of the market in 2008 were very frustrated. This situation will not last. Every home is different, the hardest part is to actually find the home you like and can afford, when you do please don’t be afraid – keep calm and carry on.
- Barry Thom and Grant Lynch

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