How to use our Virtual Tours

To help you navigate virtual tours on our website, we have created a simple step by step guide.

TO start a Virtual Tour

Visit one of our listings here. Most listings have a Virtual Tour.

Once you have selected a listing you would like to view virtually, click on the Virtual Tour Tab here:

VT location



Click and Drag around to look at the space.

nav help mouse drag left v2


nav help keyboard left right v2

Or, use the arrow keys to turn left and right.


Click on the rings throughout the space to move around.

nav help mouse click


nav help keyboard up down

Or, use the arrow keys to move back and forward.


Use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out.

nav help mouse zoom


nav help zoom keys


Or, use the plus and minus keys to zoom in and out.



Buttons during Virtual Tours

Inside view

Inside View

Click to explore inside the space.


Dollshouse View

Click to view and rotate a top-down view of the entire Space in 3D.

Floorplan mode

Floorplan View

Click to view the Floorplan of the Space.

Floor Selector

Floor Selector

Click to view switch between the floors of the Space.



Click 360 Views to view the outdoor scenes.

Full Screen mode

Full Screen Mode

Click to enter full screen mode on your device.

measure v2Measure Tool

Use the Measure tool to measure any space. Click a start point and an end point of your measurement and the result will be displayed on screen. 


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