Company Update

A notice to clients.

The Government's announcement re. level 4 lockdown as a result of COVID-19 has thrown a spanner in the works for our industry. We along with all other non-essential businesses will have to close our operations and work from home.

In order to comply with our current understanding of the Level 4 restrictions any buyer inspections and really all our activity around the sale of your home, including an auction will be impossible.

It is our intention to keep operating as much as we can in order to facilitate transactions. That will require our activity to be via digital/electronic mediums.

Our administration function will continue operations from our homes.

Right now these are the limitations we must work with for the next four weeks at least. To view a home please take advantage of our virtual walk-through tours.

Rest assured we are still very much in business.

Grant Lynch
Managing Director

Barry Thom

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