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We are often asked why we haven’t sold franchises and expanded. There is no doubt that would be a profitable exercise and increase the profile of the brand, but does it provide a better experience for customers and make for a better business?

Let’s ask another question. Is your favourite place to dine, part of a large chain of restaurants? Does the vehicle you aspire to own, have a large market share? The answer to both is probably no. That’s because you want an experience that provides outstanding quality and service, as well as great value for money. After thirty years of hands on real estate experience we’ve proven that bigger is not necessarily better for homeowners looking to sell. Over time we have developed our own unique approach a real estate model that provides significant added value- we call it: REAL ESTATE BY DESIGN. 


Our company is founded on honesty, trust and teamwork. You can expect our people to listen carefully before they create an approach to selling that’s built around finding the best buyer for your home. It’s about developing a high-quality bespoke solution that leaves nothing to chance.

As owners, we are committed to leading a great company not necessarily a big one. So consequently market share is not our first priority. Our top priority no doubt mirrors yours — to get the best possible price for your home in a way that feels right to you. We look forward to congratulating you on a great sale.

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