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Edward Pack

M 021 428 241

T 09 529 5359 (daytime)

T 09 309 9235 (evening)

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Edward Pack’s creativity, drive and enthusiasm on both life, and his real estate career, are attitudes we look for in individuals that epitomise who we are as a brand. Edward is intensely interested and focussed on all aspects of property and intuitively understands the way people live their lives when he enters their homes. His in-depth knowledge of the Auckland property scene is complemented by the high level of skill Edward brings to marketing the properties he handles – with this inevitably resulting in the achievement of outstanding results for his clients.

You’ll love his dedication, unparalleled commitment and appreciate his energy. Edward is a competitive runner and constantly running marathons. He’s strategic, a clear thinker and undaunted by challenge. Edward has established a strong network, supported by excellent connections, which is a considerable asset to the whole sales process.

Edward successfully markets and sells a wide range of attractive Auckland properties including some of the city’s finest and most prestigious residences. He has also sold many character villas and middle to high-end family homes and apartments.

Edward does not focus on obtaining as many listings as possible, instead he chooses to invest in doing an exceptional job for a smaller number of selected clients. Providing a suburb-specific, uniquely tailored, high level of service for his clients is the direction that Edward has deliberately taken, and one that has certainly been validated by the sales success he has enjoyed.

A true team player, Edward epitomises everything that someone serious about selling their home wants from a real estate salesperson – ethics and honesty, a deep understanding of the property market and a unique style. Most importantly, Edward has an outstanding ability to close a sale.



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